The Food Market

The food market is an english leading E-commerce marketplace based in United Kingdom.


Project overview

TheFoodMarket has been in the market for more than 5 years. They were born in an era when there was no intese competition in foods Ecommerce Market. Today the world has changed and there's a crushing competition in ecommerce market of almos every category. we offered them to built their app in ror and unsurprisingly they were happy with presentation and with advanatges that ror provides.

About Client

Wendy snowden wandered a lot through the food and farmer's markets, she spent many years working for major online retailers and later come up with the idea to support smaller businesses who are putting huge amounts of care and attention in to bringing the most delicious food and drink and exceptional gifts for their customers.

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How TFM works

TFM work with independent small companies - many of them are family businesses - and they make their products available to you on their site. You can add as many products from as many merchants as you like to your basket and buy in one easy and secure checkout experience.It allowed the merchants know where to send their products and you receive the order directly from them. Simple!

What we did

The process and key features we added to thefoodmarket

Not only coding

We not only write code for TheFoodMarket, but also create AB tests and QA, make UX better, give them business advice and try out different marketing strategies together.


Our main effort has so far been focused on the webpage of tfm we were dedicated to make their page light and made them better and easier to use, and also created new features.


We also present the several security measurements to the team of tfm to avoid any potential fraudulent. we strengthen the payment security and paying off system for the sfatey of buyers and sellers.

They're the consummate professionals.

- Wendy Snowden

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