AllotMe - Case Study
AllotMe is a sustainable garden-sharing marketplace that allows users to find a space to grow food in the city or become Hosts by renting out their gardens. Often described as the 'Airbnb for gardens'. It helps plot finders easily find gardens and plot owners rent their plots and earn some extra money. We implemented a custom look and feel for the marketplace based on a design created in Figma. We worked closely with the client to provide our suggestions and understand their specific needs and ensure that the customizations aligned with their overall business goals. In the end, we delivered a fully customized Sharetribe marketplace platform that exceeded the client's expectations.

Goals & Objectives

We push our limits to get best of everything

To begin the project, our team started by analyzing the project requirements and creating a plan for customization. We worked closely with the client to understand their specific needs and to ensure that our customizations aligned with their overall business goals.

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Challenges and Solutions

Multiple challanges we faced

Customizing Sharetribe can be a challenging task, but with the our experienced and talented team of develoopers, we made all the customization on allotme as per client requirement with a fuss . Some of the common challenges we faced during Allotme customization include:


Compatibility with desired APIs

Sharetribe is a complex platform, and customizing it can often lead to compatibility issues. Different plugins and third-party integrations may not work correctly or may cause conflicts, leading to errors or even system crashes.


Performance optimization

Sharetribe is a resource-intensive platform, and it can become slow if not optimized properly. Our DevOps team handled this challenge tactically and optimized alltome marketplace and make it scalable and resilient to handle any size of traffic. As we mentioned earlier we develop software that scale.

Visual Design

Visually Stunning and Eye Catchy Design Work

Allotme demanded elaborated. interactive, creative, and desirable design work that is unique and eye-catching to keep the target audience engaged, and this is what we delivered.

Tech Stack

We used proven technology and best resources

Along with top technology stack we have the best resources to make this project happen.

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