E-Commerce Personalization: Transforming Customer Experience

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Everyone's laser-focused on next-gen E-Commerce personalization when they shop these days. Adopting a practical approach to personalization can make all the difference.

Step into the e-commerce era, where unlocking customer satisfaction hinges on personalized experiences. Businesses have long chased a seamless, cross-channel journey that adjusts to real-time individual needs.

So, why the relentless focus on tailoring experiences for each customer?

According to a 2021 McKinsey study, customers are inclined to shell out extra for brands that deliver customized or personalized services.

The good news? We now have the technologies to make it happen. 

The bad news? With a flood of options offering varying levels of personalization, designing the perfect user experience can feel overwhelming. 

But fear not! Our expert team is here to guide you. Let’s navigate this exciting landscape together and create tailored experiences that leave a lasting impact. Let’s redefine e-commerce with high-level personalization.

What do you mean by E-commerce Personalization?

E-commerce personalization refers to tailoring the online shopping experience to suit individual preferences and needs. It's about customizing product recommendations, content, and interactions based on a user's behavior, purchase history, and other relevant data. The goal is to enhance customer satisfaction and increase engagement by delivering a more personalized and relevant shopping journey.

Personalized experiences make a significant impact! 

1. Personalization works wonders for marketers, resulting in a significant 20% boost in sales. 

2. A whopping 80% of shoppers are more inclined to purchase from a company that offers personalized experiences. 

3. When customers receive personalized shopping experiences, around 60% will likely become loyal repeat buyers. 

4. An impressive 78% of consumers have preferred brands that deliver personalized services, often choosing, recommending, or even paying more. Interestingly, over half (53%) of digital experience professionals need more technology to implement effective personalization. 

Benefits of E-commerce Personalization

The growing affinity for personalization is a primary motivator for marketers embracing it. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Personalization brings many benefits to the eCommerce industry, and we're about to delve into them.

Here are the top advantages of personalization in eCommerce.

Increased Sales and Conversion Rates

According to a study, incorporating targeted content for your services can result in approximately a 20 percent boost in sales and improved opportunities. Personalization enables your business to focus on leads and effectively convert them. In essence, through personalization, you're assisting your customers in navigating services efficiently and discovering the specific services they seek.

For example, if you curate the content of your landing page after understanding the customer’s preference, it will bring more leads, resulting in increased engagement and conversion. 

Enhanced User Engagement

In the current digital landscape, achieving maximum customer engagement necessitates a personalized content approach. Whether it's customized product suggestions or carefully crafted experiences for each user, personalization plays a crucial role. It communicates to customers that they are recognized and valued as individuals, cultivating loyalty and prompting them to return.

Studies show that personalization can result in a remarkable 88% surge in engagement.

Convert with Precision

Tailoring the shopping experience empowers businesses to showcase products most likely to be purchased by each customer, leading to increased conversion rates. Personalized emails and videos have demonstrated click-through rates up to five times higher than non-personalized communications, propelling conversions to unprecedented levels.

Delight with Satisfaction

Ensuring customer satisfaction stands as a paramount goal for online businesses. Personalized experiences play a crucial role in enhancing satisfaction levels, with research indicating that 80% of customers make repeated purchases from a brand providing personalized services and experiences.

Improved Customer Loyalty

Every eCommerce business aspires to have a roster of devoted customers.

If personalization is the key to transforming that aspiration into reality, why not wholeheartedly embrace it?

Nearly 70 percent of customers are inclined to be loyal to brands that prioritize their preferences and craft a unique experience for them. Making your customers feel valued will take care of the rest.

Therefore, attend to your customers, comprehend their needs, tailor your services, and personalize them for your steadfast customers. The likelihood of selling products to loyal customers is as high as 70 percent compared to acquiring new ones. So, don't forsake your existing customers in pursuit of new ones.

Offer customers an experience they would love 

When customers can't find what they're looking for, they're prone to exit. Approximately 65 percent of customers abandon a brand due to a subpar experience and explore alternative options.

Crafting personalized experiences not only enhances profitability but also opens the door to greater margins from high-value customers with the longest lifetime value.

By providing customized and exclusive experiences, such as product recommendations based on zero-party data or exclusive discounts and events, businesses can bring immediate and medium-term value to their brand, fostering enduring relationships with customers poised to become lifelong advocates.

Embrace the potency of personalization to spark engagement, boost conversions, elevate satisfaction, nurture loyalty, and captivate high-value customers. Let data-driven insights be your compass in creating extraordinary experiences that leave a lasting imprint.

Best Tactics for E-commerce Personalization

Discover the perfect eCommerce personalization tactics tailored for your business. Simplify your journey with a handpicked list of easily implementable tactics, even if you’re just starting. 

Behavioural Personalization

Behavioral personalization involves analyzing a user's behavior in response to personalized offers displayed on a website or app. Let's illustrate this with an example: Imagine you operate an online store, and a user visits to browse a specific product, let's say, a pair of shoes. However, the user leaves without making a purchase. In response, you send a personalized notification, enticing them with an offer like "Amazing deal alert: Grab Nike shoes at a FLAT 70% OFF."

This notification serves as a tempting prompt for the user to revisit the app, explore discounted products, and potentially make a purchase.

Behavioral personalization is designed to enhance the user experience, and tools like HubSpot are available to implement it, enabling the creation of unique campaigns that can boost page view time and engagement.

Checkout Personalization to extend user’s buying journey

Each technique uses strategies to increase the customer’s average order value (AOV).

Upsells: Suggest higher-priced products that customers have purchased or added to their cart.

Cross-sells: Offer related items based on customer browsing or past purchases, irrespective of pricing.

Downsells: Recommend less expensive alternatives to what customers have chosen.

For example-

1. Amazon (Cross-Sell)
2. LifterLMS (Upsell)
3. Dominos Pizza (Down-sell)

Personalize Product Recommendations 

In the era of technology, leveraging AI in strategic places has made intelligent product recommendations more seamless. AI collects customer data based on their interactions with your website, facilitating personalized suggestions for products that match their interests.

While some might perceive this as just another common eCommerce feature, it's essential to recognize that a substantial 35% of Amazon's sales are attributed to product recommendations.

The key to converting customers through product recommendations lies in their relevance to each individual. When customers add items to their cart, it's an opportune moment to present product recommendations that align with their current preferences.

An example of this intelligent approach is seen in Fresh Foam, which provides similar product suggestions on its product description page.

Location-specific Product Recommendation 

As per a survey, 9 out of 10 marketers affirm that location-specific marketing has resulted in a remarkable 86% increase in their customer base. This targeting method holds significant value by acknowledging cultural differences and addressing the unique needs associated with specific locations, leading customers to exhibit a stronger interest and preference for particular products.

Elevate your eCommerce store by incorporating geo-targeting, enabling the collection of location information when customers visit your website.

With geo-targeting in place, you can customize your marketing strategies for specific areas, concentrating on showcasing available and relevant products to customers in those regions. This approach eliminates the necessity of displaying an entire catalog that might not be accessible or suitable for those areas.

A noteworthy example of this strategy is exemplified by Madewell. As customers land on their website, they gather location data to provide a personalized user experience, ultimately boosting conversion rates.

Personalized email in Real-time

In email campaigns, behavior-triggered emails outshine other types with an impressive 53% higher click-to-open rate. This statistic underscores that customers appreciate and find significant value in these emails.

Behavior-triggered emails are geared towards building a broader base of loyal customers by delivering valuable content even before they realize they need it. Within your eCommerce store, you can target customers who have recently made a purchase that typically requires restocking. Utilizing insights from their past purchasing behavior allows you to pinpoint these customers.

Regardless of whether they've made multiple purchases, targeting them just before their usual restocking time proves advantageous. A gentle email reminder significantly reduces the likelihood of them seeking their next purchase elsewhere.

Take a cue from Sephora, which encourages customers to replenish their previous purchases, offering a helpful nudge to keep their beauty routines on track.

Leveraging dynamic landing pages

Crafting a personalized landing page that addresses a customer's interests and needs has demonstrated greater effectiveness in converting mobile users compared to generic landing pages. When a page is tailored to their preferences, the likelihood of them taking the desired action or engaging with the provided call-to-action (CTA) increases.

To optimize holiday traffic and boost sales, Sabon proactively introduced dynamic landing pages featuring diverse holiday promotions targeted at specific audience segments.

Companies Benefitting from E-commerce Personalization

Not only startups but fully established businesses are also leveraging the power of personalization in e-commerce. See who those businesses will entice you to go for personalization.

1. Amazon
2. HubSpot
3. Flipkart 
4. Zoho 

Go for E-commerce Personalization with Adware Technologies

In a realm where customers yearn for personalized experiences, Adware stands out as a transformative force in e-commerce personalization. Leveraging advanced recommendation engines, dynamic content personalization, and intelligent search capabilities, Adware Technologies empowers businesses to deliver unparalleled customer engagement.

Take your e-commerce endeavors to new heights and unleash the full potential of personalization with Adware Technologies. Leap and revolutionize your customer experience today!

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