10 Best Messaging/Chat Templates of 2020

10 best messaging chat templates of 2020  1

Here is a free collection of chat templates built using Bootstrap and pure HTML CSS. These templates let you set up a chat system in no time with minimum coding experience. Let’s take a quick tour of the 10 Best Free Chat Templates to build a live chat feature on your website.


Elegant Message Chat Box:  

An "Elegant Message Chat Box" refers to a user interface component or design element used in websites, mobile apps, or software applications to display and facilitate text-based conversations between users or between users and a chatbot.


Material Messaging App Concept:

The "Material Messaging App Concept" likely refers to a design and user interface (UI/UX) concept for a messaging application that follows the principles of Google's Material Design. Material Design is a design language created by Google that emphasizes the use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations, and depth effects to create a consistent and visually pleasing user experience across different platforms and devices.

Screenshot-2020-09-04-at-1-21-10-AM.png (1091×543)



Chat Window:

A "chat window" is a graphical user interface (GUI) element or component within a messaging or chat application, website, or software. It is typically a dedicated area on the screen where users can engage in real-time text-based conversations or chat with other users, whether they are individuals or groups. Chat windows are commonly used in various communication tools, such as messaging apps, social media platforms, customer support chat systems, and more.

free boostrap comment box html




Material Design Chat Box:

A "Material Design Chat Box" is a chat or messaging user interface (UI) component that follows the design principles and guidelines of Google's Material Design. Material Design is a design language created by Google, emphasizing a clean and modern visual style, as well as consistent and intuitive user interfaces across various platforms and devices.




SimpleChat 1 on 1 chat box:

"SimpleChat 1 on 1 chat box" likely refers to a specific type of chat box or messaging interface designed for one-on-one conversations between two users. This type of chat box is typically used in various online applications and websites to facilitate private and direct communication between individuals.




Beautiful Chat Widget:

A "Beautiful Chat Widget" typically refers to a visually appealing and well-designed user interface element used for enabling text-based communication or chat between users. This chat widget is characterized by its attractive and aesthetically pleasing design, which aims to enhance the user experience and engagement.


chat-widget.jpg (1024×615)



Chat with User List:

"Chat with User List" refers to a user interface element commonly found in chat applications, messaging platforms, or communication software. This feature combines a chat interface with a list or panel displaying a roster of users or contacts with whom the current user can interact. The user list typically shows the names, profile pictures, or other identifiers of the users.


nofeat-93b78a06cee5488fe2a17b32326cf76b40cd8b9a.jpg (400×300)



Message Widget with Minimal Style:

A "Message Widget with Minimal Style" is a user interface element designed for text-based messaging and communication within a software application, website, or mobile app. The term "minimal style" indicates that the design of the message widget is characterized by simplicity, cleanliness, and an absence of unnecessary visual elements, resulting in a streamlined and uncluttered appearance.


nofeat-a2fda02b291f871ffb036c3233ff72a013f7150c.jpg (400×300)



Three-Column Chat B

A "Three-Column Chat Box" refers to a user interface design for a chat application or messaging platform where the chat interface is organized into three distinct columns or sections. This layout is commonly used to present a chat conversation or multiple conversations in an organized and efficient manner.



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