10 Best Messaging/Chat Templates of 2020

Chat ui dashboard design 17

Here is a free collection of chat templates built using Bootstrap and pure HTML CSS. These templates let you set up a chat system in no time with minimum coding experience. Let’s take a quick tour of 10 Best Free Chat Templates to build a live chat feature on your website.


Elegant Message Chat Box



Chat Window


free boostrap comment box html




Material Design Chat Box




SimpleChat 1 on 1 chat box



Beautiful Chat WIdget

chat-widget.jpg (1024×615)



Chat with User List

nofeat-93b78a06cee5488fe2a17b32326cf76b40cd8b9a.jpg (400×300)



Message Widget with Minimal Style

nofeat-a2fda02b291f871ffb036c3233ff72a013f7150c.jpg (400×300)




Three Column Chat Box


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Good collection

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