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Adware Technologies - Produce complexed custom web application, mobile applications (crossplatform and native), design, UI/UX, consulting. We help our clients achieves their corporate goals with our experience.

Product analysis


We start our product analysis with a skype meeting where you describe your ideas and vision verbally and gives us your written requirements in detail.


Next step is a extensive analysis on our side where we study your product and the market to discover the best solutions available for your needs.


Last step in product analysis is presenting a few solutions to your problem. with discussion and understanding moving ahead with the best solution that's suits both of us the most. In this part we tell you exactly what to do next.

MVP analysis

Minimum viable product (MVP) analysis is the first digital copy of your idea with minimum features.

Minimum viable product

Minimum viable product (MVP) is the first and live and usable version of your idea with minimum efforts. MVP has the basic features of your idea while having the almost same look and feel. It has enough value that people are willing to use it or buy it initially. The main objective of developing an MVP is to test the business hypothesis and get the initial idea of the market.

Product analysis

Minimum viable product analyzation allow us to define the minimum features needed for your business and product and come up with a detailed scope document with user-flows and database architecture. This phase is always necessary before the design and development begins.

Final result

Our experts create a detailed structure document that includes all of the user-flows and the full database architecture for the mvp. With the detailed document you can go to any developer or a web development company and they know where to kick off the project.

Product Design

Needs evaluation

Our design process begins by speaking to our clients on skype and have their written requirements in hand to understand their needs. We define the subject of our service, what the end goals are and who the target audience is.


Based on outcome from the first call, we present several plans as well as creating an basic design presentation. This enables clients to discover an interactive structure of how their final project will look by clicking through points of interest.


We test our demonstrations by the help of the real users. They can ask numerous questions, meaning the customer can be sure the designs are are easy to understand and easy to use. plans are then finalised based on user feedback.


We start with building a conceptual model which includes the structure and behaviour of the solution (system architecture).
As soon as the model is built, we begin coding.

Development process

We follow highly agile and iterative Development based on milestones where the client is given access to the working code (Git and Heroku access)and feedback's are incorporated regularly or weekly. Each sprint begins with a mutual understanding where the sprint goal is agreed. Thus, our clients know exactly what we would accomplish by the end of each week. We also host daily or weekly scrum meetings to help identify potential hurdles so we can solve them efficiently.

Technologies used

Our core back-end stack includes Ruby language and Rails framework, React.js and Angular.js for front-end and PostgreSQL and Mysql for databases. Of course, if you have projects involving other technologies it’s no problem; our partners provide expertise in such areas and our own developers have more than ten years experience in creating neat and well documented coding.

Mobile apps

We have extensive experience in developing native mobile applications on Android and iOS as well as cross platform mobile applications using React Native and Ionic Framework.

API development

As soon as your native app has some data to store, an API is needed and used to communicate with the database. We help our customers develop an API for their mobile app as we have extensive knowledge on building back-end.

Native apps

A native application is a software program that is developed for use on a particular platform or device. like app for android only or ios only. We are master in developing these as we have seen the value and height of user experience they deliver in comparison to mobile web.

Cross Platform Apps

Developing a cross-platform app allows the developers to create an application using a single language for scripting including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It increases productivity and accelerates app development cycle to deliver a high quality app that works on any iOS, Android or Windows device.


Sharetribe is an open source peer 2 peer marketplace platform for building your own online marketplace in the spirit of Airbnb, Uber or eBay. sharetribe github source

We listed on sharetribe in the top 5 list of sharetribe top customization expert

Setup process

Sharetribe open source version runs exactly like hosted one with all the updated features and functionalities but with some advantages. It only takes a few hours to setup sharetribe open source version on our own private server. aws, digital ocean, linode and Ms Azure are perfect hosting server to host sharetribe.


Sharetribe written in ruby on rails. some of it's front-end components are built in react. we have expertise in all the required skills to customize the sharetribe plus we have worked on more than 50 sharetribe project so far. learn more about our past sharetribe projects in our case studies section.


Sharetribe applications are easy to maintain just like any other ruby on rails web application. we provide post production support to our client in case of any bugs or in any downtime emergency. so if you got a project and interested in our service then start a project with us

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