Top Ruby On Rails Web Development Company in the USA

Top ruby on rails web development company in the usa

Web development is currently witnessing a surge, with several programming languages vying for the top spot in speed and functionality. Notable contenders include JavaScript, accompanied by a plethora of front-end frameworks, PHP, known for its versatility in various web-related tasks, Java, often used for backend development, and Python Django, celebrated for its rapid development capabilities.

Amidst these languages, Ruby has carved a niche for itself as a dynamic language tailor-made for crafting web pages. The Ruby on Rails framework, an offspring of the Ruby programming language, was conceived by David Heinemeier Hansson during his work on a project management tool called Basecamp. He elevated the Ruby code and subsequently gave birth to the framework we now know as Ruby on Rails (RoR).

Benefits of Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a backend web development framework designed to streamline the work of RoR developers by enhancing development efficiency and functionality. It achieves this by adhering to two core principles:

Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY):

The DRY principle in programming provides a distinct advantage to developers. In other programming languages, code repetition is commonplace, leading to complex and cumbersome debugging processes. The DRY principle opposes the duplication or repetition of code, empowering developers to create simple, manageable, and high-quality applications that are easy to upgrade.

Convention over Configuration:

The Ruby on Rails framework eliminates the need for developers to declare minor details such as variable types explicitly. Instead, it relies on strong naming conventions, where the first letter of a variable determines its intended use. As Rails is built on Ruby, it adopts the same naming conventions, effectively reducing the amount of code. This approach simplifies development by minimizing configuration efforts.

These principles are crucial for RoR developers as Ruby on Rails environments depend on these methodologies for web application creation. This adherence also stands as a distinct advantage of Ruby on Rails. Since the syntax must align with these principles, the resulting codebase is cleaner, fostering better readability and reducing the code programmers need to write.

5 Reasons Why Web Developers Love Ruby on Rails

I think that what most Ruby on Rails developers fall in love with is the development process associated with Ruby on Rails. Since the two main principles are inscribed in the language, it permeates everything. Here are some of the things we love about Ruby on Rails.

Rapid Application Development (RAD):

One of the most significant benefits of Ruby on Rails (RoR) lies in its speed, leveraging the principles of rapid application development (RAD). The efficient Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern within RoR minimizes redundant work, allowing for the swift creation of functional applications. RoR emphasizes rapid prototyping and iterative development for new features, reducing the introduction of bugs, enhancing adaptability and flexibility, and promoting intuitive code in Rails applications.

Open Source Libraries:

Ruby on Rails operates as an open-source server-side language, providing access to a rich repository of libraries that can be utilized to elevate your web application without starting from scratch. Using RubyGems, a package manager akin to npm in JavaScript projects facilitates easy integration of these libraries. The RoR community actively contributes to and improves these open-source tools, enhancing their availability and value. The substantial support on platforms like GitHub further reinforces the collaborative nature of the Rails ecosystem.

Model View Controller (MVC):

Enthusiasts of Ruby on Rails often extol the virtues of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. This framework significantly streamlines the development and maintenance of web applications for RoR developers. The MVC architecture comprises three layers: the Model layer, handling data-related logic; the View, representing the front-end or user interface; and the Controller, acting as a mediator between the Model and View. This approach is lauded for its simplicity and usability, extending its influence to other programming languages.

Great Testing Environment:

Ruby on Rails offers a robust testing environment with default settings for production, development, and test environments, as defined in a YAML configuration file. The presence of separate test environments, isolated from development and production databases, ensures that testing activities do not impact actual data. This dedicated testing environment facilitates setup, manipulation, and interaction with test data, contributing to a more straightforward and intuitive Rails development process.

Code Modification and Migration:

An inherent advantage of Ruby on Rails is its ease of code modification and migration. The concept of migration allows developers to define changes in the database schema, facilitating the use of version control systems to maintain synchronization. This characteristic proves advantageous for scalability, offering cost-effective solutions as source code adjustments are not required when migrating to alternative platforms.

What Types of Projects Ruby on Rails Best For

Although Ruby on Rails is a general-purpose language, meaning it can do just about anything, it doesn’t mean that it’s good at everything. There are certain areas that it excels at.

1. E-commerce application development
2. Social-media-like applications
3. SaaS projects
4. Live-streaming apps
5. News, trading, and data analytics platforms

Popular Ruby on Rails Sites

Numerous websites leverage Ruby on Rails as their server-side language for backend development. For inspiration, here are some noteworthy examples, listed in no particular order:


GitHub stands out as one of the most widely recognized web applications for developers. Serving as a web-based hosting service, GitHub allows ROR developers to showcase their Rails projects. It functions as a social media platform for software development, incorporating robust version control features.


Catering to travel enthusiasts, Airbnb connects travelers with hosts offering ideal vacation accommodations. With over 200 million users, Airbnb has become a go-to platform for those seeking unique travel experiences, and its backend is powered by Ruby on Rails.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform designed for individuals and businesses looking to establish an online presence without extensive web development knowledge. It simplifies the process of creating and managing online stores, making it accessible for business owners and freelancers looking to expand their online footprint.


Hulu, a popular media consumption application, caters to avid binge-watchers by streaming shows and movies. With a substantial daily user base, Hulu smoothly delivers content using the Ruby on Rails framework, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.


Basecamp serves as a versatile project management tool used by teams to enhance productivity. Suited for individuals, teams, and managers, Basecamp offers features such as message boards, to-do lists, schedules, pins, automatic check-ins, and more. Its backend, built with Ruby on Rails, contributes to the platform's efficiency and reliability.


Numerous web application frameworks boast about their performance, flexibility, and the promise of reducing development time and code. However, Ruby on Rails distinguishes itself by actually delivering on these promises. This exceptional programming language can propel your web application to the forefront, thanks to its stellar Model View Controller architecture and guiding principles.

One hosting provider that exclusively concentrates on delivering hosting services for Ruby on Rails projects is Adware. Deploying your Ruby apps with Adware is not only reliable but also straightforward. Their uncomplicated deployment process automates your application environment on top of AWS, eliminating the need for an in-house cloud and database specialist. With Adware Technologies, your application can achieve up to 50% faster performance on their infrastructure.

Adware Technologies autoscaling capabilities further enhance the user experience by preventing performance degradation during unexpected traffic spikes, all without requiring manual setup or intervention. Additionally, their platform utilizes monitoring data to continuously optimize your application's performance, ensuring an efficient and seamless hosting experience.


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