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Sharetribe - A Perfect Marketplace Solution

Mohd Sameer Author
September 03, 2020

What is Sharetribe?

Sharetribe is an open source software platform built on Ruby on Rails framework. It allows to create rental, service or product marketplaces. Sharetribe provide large built-in functionalities and allows us to customize all aspects according to our requirements. in the present day context sharetribe is the best way of creating an online marketplace mvp efficiently. large online marketplaces like studiotime.io, The quiver, Häätorii and olmost.in use sharetribe.

in addition to this, the RoR community has expanded and developed lots of gems(plugins) and solutions therefore we can customize our marketplace further according to our needs.

Sharetribe is written in Ruby on Rails and since we’re Ruby on Rails masters, we understand how Sharetribe is built and can efficiently customize the core code according to your requirements.


Main reasons for using sharetribe for your marketplace.

Why we recommend Sharetribe?

Naturally, Sharetribe isn’t perfect. Since the platform is monolithic, it takes time to test it, investigate bugs, and scale. Fortunately, the creators of Sharetribe already know about these shortcomings, however, and are constantly working to update the service and fix or prevent any possible issues. If you decide to create your marketplace with Sharetribe, we highly recommend opting for the open-source version. Our Adware Technologies team can help you out with this, as we have vast & extensive experience building large-scale marketplace platforms using Sharetribe. We work with Sharetribe from the very start of projects, add all the functionality you need, carry out quality assurance testing, and then provide ongoing support. Feel free to contact us if you have an idea for a marketplace and want our experienced experts to help you develop it from the ground up.


Let us know if you are looking to customize your Sharetribe Marketplace. Contact Us


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