Ruby On Rails Web Development Company in the USA

Ruby on rails web development in the usa

Certainly! Learning web development involves navigating a diverse array of approaches and languages, each claiming superiority in terms of simplicity and speed of learning. Simultaneously, clients are increasingly curious about the technologies employed in their web app solutions. It's crucial to articulate why Ruby on Rails (RoR) might be the preferred choice amid the well-established back-end languages and frameworks like Python, Java, and PHP. So, why opt for RoR? Is Ruby on Rails the optimal route for app development? There are numerous factors supporting this choice, with a key one being its often superior suitability compared to other options.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby is a versatile, dynamic, and interpreted object-oriented programming language. Its code is designed to be comprehensible even to those unfamiliar with coding, given its human-like and English-resembling syntax. The language is crafted to enhance development speed, allowing you to witness the results of your efforts swiftly. With Ruby, you can soon embark on creating impressive websites. Additionally, its popularity is evident and seems to endure for the foreseeable future.

What is Ruby on Rails used for?

The preference for Ruby on Rails (RoR) stems from its primary goal of simplifying the creation of high-performance web applications. While Ruby, like many other programming languages, is adaptable to various web projects, its utilization is not narrowly defined. In the context of website development, coding is invariably aligned with the project's commercial objectives, an approach universally recognized by web development companies.

"Each programming language and technology stack is created to address a specific issue. RoR may or may not be the best solution for your online project, depending on the aim (but rather yes than no)."

What types of projects Ruby on Rails is best for:

1. E-commerce, i.e.Online stores with sophisticated options
2. Informational portals
3. Stock exchange platforms
4. Dating websites and ad platforms
5. Social networks
6. Non-standard complex projects
7. SaaS-solutions

Pros and cons of Ruby on Rails

Take factors like the learning curve, scalability, hosting needs, simplicity of installation, documentation, and so on under consideration while making the selection.

The most important advantages and disadvantages of Ruby on Rails are listed here.

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Pros of Ruby on Rails

Here are the pros of Ruby on Rails:


In recent years, cybersecurity risks have been a prominent concern for many businesses. Disturbingly, data from Cybint Solutions reveals that 64% of businesses have faced web-based assaults, and 62% have been targeted by phishing and social engineering attempts.

The accompanying graph indicates that the latter category of cybersecurity threats is predominantly directed at SaaS (Software as a Service), financial institutions, and e-commerce platforms.

Ruby on Rails' built-in techniques ensure that a web page or application created with its assistance is secure and impenetrable to the following typical threats:

Cross-Site Scripting
SQL Injection
Cross-Site Request Forgery
Insecure Direct Object Reference or Forceful Browsing

Simplicity in Use

The syntax of this technology is remarkably clear, concise, and easily comprehensible, making Rails exceptionally valuable for programmers. Developers using Ruby on Rails can achieve more with less code, expediting the development of online applications. The framework's readability is so robust that there is little need for additional comments, leading to code that is inherently more understandable for programmers.

High development speed

The framework incorporates an extensive collection of free, open-source libraries referred to as gems. These give rise to numerous community-specific websites, forums, and discussion platforms within the Ruby on Rails community, allowing developers to find solutions from peers who have tackled similar issues.

A primary rationale for selecting Ruby on Rails is its rapid development pace. This technology empowers developers to accelerate the MVP app development process, facilitating the creation of a high-quality web application within budget constraints.

Enthusiastic community

Ruby on Rails has gained renown for its vibrant community. Engaged members actively contribute to technological advancements, offer mutual assistance and introduce new features to the code base. This community-driven effort resulted in the creation of numerous Ruby on Rails-specific websites, forums, and discussion platforms. These resources serve as valuable hubs where developers can find solutions from coders who have successfully addressed challenges akin to their own.

Easy business logic implementation

Ruby on Rails simplifies the implementation of complex business logic in web applications. If you need an API, developers using this framework can swiftly integrate one. Simply incorporate a front-end framework like Vue or React, and your web application is ready to go. This exemplifies the streamlined development process facilitated by Ruby on Rails.

Compatibility with front-end frameworks

In contemporary web development, front-end frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular have gained widespread popularity. These tools are commonly paired with Ruby on Rails, leveraging RoR's seamless interoperability. Developers can swiftly and effortlessly create front-end components using their framework of choice when working with Ruby on Rails.

Cons of Ruby on Rails

Here are the cons of using Ruby on Rails on your project.

Runtime speed and performance

Two crucial factors for the success of an application are speed and reliability. With the abundance of apps in the market, users have become more discerning, expecting online applications to load quickly and operate smoothly.

While Ruby on Rails excels in many aspects, its runtime performance is not its strongest suit. While sufficient for smaller apps with a limited user base and low traffic, it might pose challenges when developing a robust project with higher demands.

Lack of flexibility

Ruby on Rails is well-suited for typical web applications due to its structured dependency between components and modules. However, customization can pose challenges when dealing with an application featuring a unique set of features.

Configuring routing, database migrations, and other aspects can extend the product development time. Consequently, a choice must be made between achieving app uniqueness and optimizing development time.

Lower popularity

Ruby on Rails has witnessed a decline in popularity over the past few years. This trend is evident when examining the official figures provided by Google Trends, indicating a decrease in engagement with this framework.

5 Most Popular Ruby on Rails Websites

Here is a list of the top 5 most popular websites using Ruby on Rails:

Github: Github is the most popular software development platform on the planet. GitHub was founded in 2008 and is now used by over 40 million people. It was built using Ruby on Rails. GitHub is a platform for coders to host open-source projects, and it offers numerous collaboration tools for each project, including bug tracking, feature requests, task management, and wikis.

Basecamp: Ruby on Rails was built in 2004 by David Heinemeier Hansson, a Basecamp partner. Basecamp is a project management and internal communication platform that is used by remote teams all around the world.

Hansson bundled his Ruby shortcuts and published them as Ruby on Rails five months after Basecamp (then 37signals) started in February 2004.

Shopify: Ottawa-based Shopify is a multibillion-dollar e-commerce business that creates online storefronts and retail POS systems.

Tobi Lutke, co-founder, and CEO created the initial version of Shopify, called Snowdevil, in 2004 as a method to sell snowboards online. Shopify now powers over one billion companies in 175 countries, and it employs a handful of Lighthouse Labs web development alumni and mentors.

Hulu: Ruby on Rails is used to power Hulu, an American streaming service. It's a big subscription streaming service in the same league as Disney+, Netflix, Crave (in Canada), and others.

Hulu is not accessible up north without a VPN, which is disappointing for Canadians.

Twitch: An online streaming service that has become very popular with the gaming community, Twitch has an impressive 1,000,000+ broadcasts per month and suffers no scalability problems.

What Is The Future Of Web Development With Ruby?

The future of web development with Ruby remains dynamic, and influenced by various factors. While Ruby on Rails has been a popular framework, there are some trends and considerations to keep in mind for the future:

Evolution of Ruby and Rails: The Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails framework continue to evolve. Updates and improvements are regularly introduced to enhance performance, security, and developer experience.

Community Support: The strength of the Ruby on Rails community plays a crucial role. A dedicated and active community often contributes to the longevity and vitality of a technology. As long as the community remains engaged, the framework is likely to have a sustained presence.

Emergence of New Technologies: The web development landscape is constantly evolving, with new technologies and frameworks emerging. Developers may explore alternatives based on the specific needs of their projects, and the popularity of Ruby on Rails may be influenced by how well it adapts to changing trends.

Microservices and API Development: With the rise of microservices architecture and the increasing importance of APIs, the ability of Ruby on Rails to seamlessly integrate with these approaches may impact its relevance in modern web development.

Competition from Other Frameworks: There is stiff competition from other web development frameworks and languages. Developers often choose technologies based on factors like performance, scalability, and ease of use. Ruby on Rails will need to remain competitive in these aspects.

Scalability Challenges: While Ruby on Rails is well-suited for many applications, scalability can be a consideration for large-scale projects. The framework has been used successfully in various high-traffic websites, but developers need to carefully consider architecture and optimization for scalability.

Diversification of Web Development Stacks: Full-stack development with a single language and framework may continue to be popular, but the trend of using different languages and frameworks for specific tasks (e.g., front-end with JavaScript frameworks) may influence the choices developers make.

In conclusion, the future of web development with Ruby depends on how well the language and framework adapt to changing industry needs, emerging technologies, and the preferences of the developer community. While its popularity may fluctuate, the core strengths of Ruby on Rails, such as developer productivity and convention over configuration, can contribute to its continued relevance in certain web development scenarios.

Let's not forget that programmers like Ruby on Rails, as Schneems' Richard Schneeman explains:

"The Ruby language focuses on developer happiness, and programmers seem to agree, it surged in popularity in the latest TIOBE index. Don't let its ease of use fool you though, this expressive language powers more than a few of the top 500 websites."


Ruby on Rails (RoR) is renowned for its effectiveness in developing technically complex web applications. With its numerous advantages, Rails proves to be a potent tool for crafting market-ready Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), launching successful businesses, and being adopted by large corporations.

If you are seeking the ideal software house to execute your project using the Ruby on Rails framework, you can examine the results of our Ruby on Rails technology solutions in our profile.

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