How to Hire an iOS Developers

How to hire an ios developer

Building your application with a unique and intelligent solution is the optimal way to penetrate the iOS or Android market. If you're planning to develop a new app that not only provides a seamless user experience but also serves a unique purpose, mobile application development should be a key component of your software development strategy. According to Statista, the global mobile application revenue is expected to reach $613 billion by 2025.

When it comes to developing a mobile application, you must choose between two major platforms: Android and iOS. Android holds a significant market share, while iOS, despite having a smaller share, boasts a substantial user base and generates higher revenue.

As of 2023, the Apple App Store offers approximately 2.2 million iOS applications, with around 60% of mobile app developers focusing on the iOS system. Before embarking on the journey of building a mobile app, several crucial factors need consideration. Foremost among them is the vital step of hiring an iOS developer.

Navigating the process of hiring the right professional can be challenging. This guide is designed to lead you through the best hiring practices and highlight key aspects to be mindful of when selecting an iOS developer.

The Importance of iOS Development for Business

Apple continues to dominate the market due to the higher number of potential clients willing to pay for app services on iOS compared to Android. This customer base is pivotal in the preference for iOS development in the business sector.

Another significant factor is the higher satisfaction level among iOS users compared to Android users. This satisfaction level makes iOS users the primary choice for business apps. The absence of lags, and glitches, and the provision of a smooth customer experience contribute to the reliability of iOS apps on Apple devices.

Mobile App Development: The Latest Trends

Analyzing the trend and working according to it will increase your app’s reach and potential target users.

Here’s a list of trends booming in 2023

1. 5G

In 2022, tech companies started focusing on incorporating 5G at full scale, and every smartphone user now looks for 5G-enabled devices. The year 2023 is going to further accelerate it.

2. Foldable Devices

The trend of compacting things has started, so developers must focus on their app performance on foldable devices.

3. AR & VR

Web3 is ready to capture the tech market very soon, pushing AR and VR in mobile app development.

4. App Security Gets Primary

Regarding Apple, security is always pushed first; thus, mobile apps should focus more on security than new features.

5. Wearable App Integration

Wearable devices are also getting into the trend, so developers should focus more on the seamless Integration of these wearables with application algorithms.

5 Must Consider Points Before Building an iOS App

Opting to develop your iOS application is a strategic decision that grants you complete control over the application's functionality, modifications, and revenue. However, before embarking on the journey of creating an iOS app from the ground up, it's imperative to be aware of these five essential considerations:

Research Apple Users:

Understand the distinct preferences and UI/UX needs of Apple users, which differ significantly from those of Android users.

Compatibility Across iOS Versions:

Ensure your app is compatible with various iOS versions to reach a diverse user base encompassing different age groups using Apple products.

Social Media Integration:

Integrate social media functionalities into your app as billions of iOS users actively engage with at least one social network to connect with friends and the global community.

Match Apple’s Speed:

Apple is renowned for its seamless and unparalleled speed. To align with this reputation, guarantee that your app functions flawlessly across all device types, delivering a glitch-free experience.

Select the Right Program and Platform:

To achieve a flawless user experience, choose the best app-building platform and utilize the most advanced programming tools available for iOS development. This ensures optimal performance and user satisfaction.

iOS Developer Role and Responsibilities

iOS developers develop applications compatible with Apple’s iOS operating system. Technically, a good iOS developer is proficient in both complex and (technical skills, including programming and tech tools) soft skills.

iOS developer hard skills

Excellent knowledge of Swift and Objective-C language.
Being able to write clean code. This can only be possible if a developer can:
Understand and edit others’ code.
Understand the requirements and obey the rules of the App Store.
Knows Apple app guidelines.
Ensure UI/UX requirements.
Use MWM, Services, Rx, etc.
Understand C ++.
Understand the concept of object-oriented programming.
Understand HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
Use the Core Data, iOS SDK, APNS, and GCD.
Test applications and fix bugs.

iOS Developer Soft Skills

Spatial Reasoning: The ability to visualize objects in three dimensions before executing the implementation process.

Self-Reliance and Proactivity: Proficient iOS developers exhibit the capability to efficiently handle multiple tasks simultaneously, demonstrating a proactive and self-reliant approach.

Creativity and Adaptability: Beyond generating innovative ideas, creativity is instrumental in problem-solving when faced with challenges. Adaptability is equally crucial for navigating unforeseen situations.

Communication Skills: Effective communication with diverse team members and fellow software engineers is an essential skill for iOS developers.

Stress Tolerance: Given that stress in a developer can have ripple effects on the entire team, resilience against stress is a vital attribute for iOS developers to maintain productivity and team harmony.


Expertise is acquired through time and practice. In an iOS development project, crucial tasks such as defining requirements, devising a development approach, making architectural decisions, testing, conducting reviews, and handling deployments contribute to a developer's experience. Mastery comes with the repetition and execution of these tasks over time.

Based on these, a developer’s experience is subdivided into three different levels:


It determines the beginner’s level and ranges from 0 to 2 years of experience. Junior-level developers work under the direction of more senior colleagues.


At this level, developers have 2-5 years of experience and can now work on different projects independently with little or no guidance.


This is a proficient level, and developers at this level have more than five years of experience. They can guide Junior-level developers in more complex-level projects.

Choose Between Hybrid vs. Native Development Before Hiring iOS Developers

Before bringing on board an iOS developer, it's crucial to determine whether you require a native or hybrid app. Native apps provide an optimal user experience by leveraging device-specific hardware features, resulting in superior performance and enhanced security.

In contrast, hybrid apps operate with a single codebase and are compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Other Skills iOS Developers Need

In addition to the essential hard and soft skills, three additional skills are crucial to identifying in a proficient iOS app developer:

Proficiency in Xcode:

The developer should possess the expertise to work with Xcode, which is the widely used Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for iOS app development.

Familiarity with Popular APIs:

A skilled iOS developer should be well-versed in utilizing popular APIs such as Cocoa Touch, UIKit, and others to enhance the functionality and features of the application.

In-depth Knowledge of Core Data Framework:

iOS developers should have a comprehensive understanding of the "Core Data framework," as it plays a pivotal role in managing the data model layer of an application, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval.

Hybrid iOS development: What skills do you need?

Hybrid iOS development builds applications that function in both Android and iOS. For Hybrid iOS development, a developer must know the popular hybrid development frameworks like React Native or Xamarin. Going with any of the frameworks, a developer learns the following skills:

JavaScript (or TypeScript)
Mobile web optimization techniques
How to structure an application
Platform-specific design and interface conventions
Domain-specific knowledge relevant to the app
Data structures and access are relevant to the app you’re creating.

Benefits of developing an iOS App

iOS apps are renowned for their exceptional quality and significant revenue-generating potential. With a multitude of clients eager to invest in iOS projects that meet current business needs and promise a substantial return on investment, the benefits extend beyond revenue:

Enterprise Data Security:

iOS apps offer enhanced security for enterprise data, surpassing the security measures of Android apps.

High-Quality Standards:

Apple's stringent standards ensure that every app available on the App Store has undergone rigorous testing and meets specific quality parameters.

Customer Base:

The substantial customer base is a key advantage of iOS application development, contributing to the platform's uniqueness.

Exemplary User Experience:

iOS apps leverage the inherent capabilities of Apple's iOS, ensuring an unparalleled user experience that aligns with Apple's commitment to excellence.

Low Fragmentation and Ease of Testing:

The annual release of just one update by Apple minimizes fragmentation, making testing more straightforward and efficient for iOS apps.

Less Development Time:

iOS app development requires nearly 28% less time compared to Android apps with similar specifications, contributing to a faster time-to-market.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an App Developer?

Whether you're starting from scratch or enhancing an existing application, the cost of hiring an iOS developer is influenced by several factors, including:

Project Complexity:

The complexity of the project directly correlates with the level of expertise required, influencing costs. Experienced iOS developers are better equipped to handle intricate aspects such as ideas, integrations, design, features, and functionality.

Location of Developer:

The hiring cost varies based on the location of the developer. Different regions may have different market rates for iOS development services.

Type of App Development:

The nature of the application being developed significantly impacts the cost of hiring a developer. Specific applications may demand specialized skills, affecting the overall hiring cost.

What are the rates of iOS Developers in Different Countries?

Unexpectedly, the geographical location plays a pivotal role in determining the compensation for iOS developers. For instance, in Canada, mid-level iOS developers command an annual salary of approximately $95,000. Conversely, developers at a similar proficiency level in Australia earn around $120,000 per year.

In the United States, salaries exhibit variations across different states and cities.

For instance, in Raleigh, North Carolina, the annual salary for an iOS developer averages around $88,754. A specialist with a similar skill set in New York can expect a salary of $97,084, while in Los Angeles, the average salary rises to $104,589.

Let's further explore the impact of both location and developer experience on the salary expectations for iOS developers.

How to Hire iOS Developers

Project Description:

Before engaging an iOS developer, it's essential to meticulously plan the project, considering various parameters and determining the platform support, whether native or hybrid. The project description serves as a comprehensive blueprint encompassing minor to major details.

Choose the Most Suitable Model:

Based on the project description, the selection of a suitable model for hiring iOS developers becomes crucial. The available models include:


In this model, an iOS programmer is hired as a full-time team member, necessitating the payment of a full-time salary. Bringing them in-house requires physical office space. Progress can be tracked through a full-time contract, allowing flexibility to transfer them between projects as needed within the agreed-upon period.


Freelance hiring involves the part-time engagement of an iOS app developer for your project. Utilizing freelancing platforms such as GitHub and Upwork facilitates this type of outsourcing. In this model, your in-house project manager directly interacts with the developer.


In the outsourcing model, an external company takes charge of the entire assigned project. This includes project design, comprehensive project management, determination of the tech stack, ongoing support, and quality tracking.


Whether you opt for an in-house, freelancing, or outsourcing model to hire iOS developers, it is imperative to conduct an interview process to assess the developers' capabilities before assigning any tasks.

The interview process may consist of various rounds, including technical, managerial, communicational, and HR, to evaluate different aspects of the candidates.

The Agreement, Contract, and Onboarding

Following the interview, the next step involves discussing the project outline and deadline. The agreement establishes the contract between the developer and the company to fulfill the assigned project or task. This agreement may differ from one project to another. In the case of an in-house arrangement, the developer's ultimate tenure is determined, regardless of the number of projects.

Finally, upon successfully approving the agreement or contract, the onboarding process commences. During onboarding, the developer familiarizes themselves with the company's or client's working model.

Need Help Finding the Best iOS Developers?

Securing proficient iOS mobile application developers is a pivotal step that significantly bridges the skill gap within your development team. By hiring the right iOS developers, you not only streamline the investment structure and design process but also navigate the complexities inherent in iOS application development, including adherence to App Store rules and managing different versions.

For expert assistance in hiring talented iOS app developers, consider partnering with Adware Technologies for top-notch staffing solutions. With 10 years of industry experience, a team of over 100 seasoned developers, the successful delivery of 100+ applications, and the completion of 100+ projects, Adware is your go-to outsourcing partner for iOS development. Trust their world-class developers to create seamless, next-generation apps with high scalability and performance.

Adware Technologies offers remote iOS developers who deliver scalable and robust solutions, ensuring timely delivery and adhering to agile development methodologies.

All set and ready to go! Initiate your iOS app development journey by hiring the best iOS developer. For more information, Contact us now!


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