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Pupprrr is a peer2peer marketplace to help people find, book, and pay for a 15 minute playdate with a local dog.


Project overview

Pupprrr help you find, book, and pay for a 15 minute playdate with a local dog. when pupprrr client reached out to us. it was already running on sharetribe online marketplace builder software. we moved it to their private server and customized it further.

About Client

Patrick sarni along with his couple of friends wanted to radically change the way people and dogs interact in the urban world. Their research indicates that over 50% of people feel they are lacking exposure to "man's best friend." At the same time, the average dog gets only half the exercise and play it needs. so they make Pupprrr to addresses these issues by bringing dogs and their owners together with dog lovers for short playdates.

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How Pupprrr works

Pupprrr is easy. The basic workflow of pupprrr is quite similar to Uber or Airbnb. A user search and choose the dog he/she want to play with, user book with them and their owner, and have an awesome time playing with dog. Dog owners get some cash to help with the expenses of taking care of their dogs, the joy of sharing their awesome dogs with others, and a fun activity to do with their dogs. The dogs get much-needed exercise and extra affection. Pupprrr donated a portion of all revenue to shelters and organizations that work with rescue dogs

What we did

The process and key features we added to Pupprrr

Server & Deployment

Previosly pupprrr was running on hosted version of sharetribe. on the instructions of our client we moved the whole system to their own server. including whole database without disturbing thier business and causing any potential loss.

Payment & Message

They want the exact payment function like thier hosted one with more advance features. we made major changes to thier message functionality. we redesign the whole structure of how thier user interact with each other.

RoR Back-end

We used ruby on rails for back-end as sharetribe is itself based on ruby on rails we have also used several react components. Both have been used to create scalable solutions. for example big companies like indiegogo, kickstarter, git have also used these.

They are very helpful with any last minute bugs or issues as well.

- Pupprrr

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