Kindershare is a peer2peer renting marketplace to renting top gear like prams and cots from local families.


Project overview

Kindershare is a peer to peer marketplace for children’s equipment – connecting owners of baby equipment with those who need items on a short term basis.

About Client

Kindershare was setup in the Inner West of Sydney by Vanouhi & Ara parents to 2 beautiful girls. an idea hit their mind while contemplating the state of their house one afternoon - a small, pre-federation cottage filled to the brim with near-new baby equipment. surprisingly there was no platform available online to rent or sell their useless equipments. A lightbulb moment, and Kindershare was born.

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How Kindershare works

Kindershare helps -
Owners of baby equipment who want to declutter their house and earn money by renting out idle baby equipment.
Parents or parents-to-be rent premium baby goods in their local area.
Parents or parents-to-be test drive baby equipment for extended periods prior to purchase.

What we did

The process and key features we added.


We migrated the hosted version of kindershare to the client's private aws server and connected s3 for file storage.


We were awarded with the responsibility of redesigning the fron-end part of the kindeshare with large back-end functinality. We designed and build the informative homepage and many other pages of kindershare we used HAML and Saas syntex for better performance of application and to give a better UX to the it's users.

Stripe Payment

Kindershare used Stripe to manage their payments. Client wanted a better payment solution which could handle their all problems including payment, escrow, after looking at their requirements stripe got hit in our mind. we integrated stripe connect into their platform.

They're quick and fuss free!

- Client

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Got a project to discuss or need advice?
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